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Southern Rustics Custom Furniture


Adairsville, GA 30103

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About: :Southern Rustics Custom Furniture is a(n) Professional Service in Adairsville, GA


Located in antique country of NW Georgia (Adairsville), Southern Rustic Custom Furniture came to life by fluke. My husband, never impressed with the store quality wood furniture decided to build an entertainment center console for our TV. Being a Pinterest junky myself (don't deny it you are too), and all the time in the world (not), I worked on the finishing portion of the unit. I love antiques, especially anything American. We have made it a personal goal to only buy American made products (Which if you look around, is very difficult). We completed our unit to the love and amazement of our family and friends. With inspirational juices flowing we then started a new project, then another- solely for our own home. My friend saw our projects and told her friend who owns a store (Southern with Grace) and a website where she sells awesome southern inspired products. She saw our stuff and asked to place them in her store. We were shocked and super excited! We are so grateful for them everyday. The rest they say is history. God works wonders. His grace is amazing. We truly believe he placed our friends in our lives for a reason. As a husband and wife team, working together is not easy, but for us, the ability to create and work along side each other has brought us closer. We truly hope as our small business grows that you enjoy what you see.

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