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On Your Feet


Denver, CO 80220

Keywords: Housing for ex-felons, Charity work, Housing Help


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About: :On Your Feet is a(n) Education in Denver, CO


The owner of On Your Feet, Norman Clark, is a retired veteran who noticed a disturbing trend in the Denver, CO area: a lack of housing for ex-felons. Though never personally incarcerated, Mr. Clark was astonished that there were so few apartments that accept felons who have done their time. When no one will rent to a certain set of people, it only leads to homelessness and a greater chance that these individuals will wind up back in prison. Norman took it upon himself to make it easier for older felons in the area to find housing and jumpstart their lives after prison. He knows that anyone can turn their life around if they are determined enough — he just wants to give people a chance to show it.

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