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Whats Nue 2


2717 Queen St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46806

Keywords: sculptures, trash to treasure, artist


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 09:00 - 20:00  

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About: :Whats Nue 2 is a(n) Professional Service in Fort Wayne, IN


Whats Nue 2 offers metal sculptures created from recycled and new materials. You can choose from whimsical yard pieces, wall pieces, table pieces, and more. Our artist takes his inspiration as it comes, so you can always expect the unexpected in our collection: animals, figures, abstracts, flowers, etc. Our artist has been making new things from scrap metal for 35 years; he loves creating art from what others would consider trash. Sometimes even he is surprised by what he can make. He entered a "Trash to Treasure" contest in 1993, sponsored by Waste Management, and won an award for his Cockatoo sculpture, which inspired him to create new metal pieces. With encouragement from family and friends, he decided to market his unique sculptures so they can be enjoyed by others who appreciate this type of art. We are excited for you to discover his work and hope you find something that inspires you too.

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