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It was turning out to be a typical day at work for me at the veterinary clinic, restraining and prepping animals for surgeries. Then in a split second life changed forever, I was restraining a cat for a routine procedure when it decided that it wanted no part of it. In his attempt at escaping it proceeded to attack me as it tried to climb up my arm and over my shoulder. I have no memory as to how I got it off of me and back in the cage, needless to say that I needed immediate medical attention. Luckily the veterinary clinic was a short distance from a major trauma hospital. My journey in treating my cat bites quickly turned into my nightmare. I developed blood poisoning and had to undergo IV antibiotic treatments and them a long course of oral antibiotic. This long course of antibiotic treatment subsequently lead to destroying my gut flora and left me with severe allergies to my work environment. Within a year and a half I was on a significant amount of medications in an attempt to allow me to continue working in the field that I was so passionate about. Unfortunately I was so sick that I had no choice but to walk away from veterinary medicine. Several years pass as I explore many types of alternative treatment in my attempt to get healthy. I moved on into a new career path and utilized my many transferable skills. I am now a part owner in a Medical Case Management Company dealing with individuals with catastrophic brain, spinal cord and complex orthopaedic injuries. At the end of a busy day one of my staff complained about the office shredder being jammed, so I decided that I would attempt to unblock it. Let me please stress at this point that it is never a good idea to spray WD40 on a shredder that is running, to my great horror the shredder spontaneously combusted causing me to have 2nd degree burns to my face and arm. I was lucky that I received immediate medical attentions and healed with no long term scarring and only loss of sensations to parts of my face. Several more years pass and I am doing better health wise other that the battle with my weight which started after the cat bite incident. I had been out enjoying a nice Thanksgiving dinner with friends and on the way home had one of the most defining moments in my life occur when someone made a left hand turn in front of me as I was going through an intersection. This accident left me with a concussion, multiple vision and balance disorders, chronic headaches, chronic pain, sleep disorders and anxiety and depression. My recovery was a really long road and for the first few years after the accident I was really consumed with trying to deal with the bleakness of my life and what did my future hold. Did I even have a future. Unless you have experience ongoing pain you will never understand the hopelessness and darkness that person is struggling with, and this includes not having a reason to get out of bed. I guess if I am being honest then I must admit that I contemplated ending it many many times. My struggle to find my way out of this darkness continues for weeks, months and years as each day blurs into the next one. I don’t know how I can find my way back as all I see is a life filled with pain, despair and fear of what lies ahead, I have lost hope! Then one day and old friend of mine asked me to try some supplements to see if they might help me. I agreed out of pure desperation, what did I have to lose as I had already lost everything of meaning in my life. I had lost my career, my business and even my ability to drive and all that remained was constant pain and my dealing with my dark demons on daily basis. After some months had passed I started to feel better, I had a little less pain and I was starting to see a trickle of life out of my dark tunnel that I had been trapped in. I started to have hope and continued with the supplements. With each week and months that passed I saw my inner self start to come back to who I was so many years ago. My strong and fearless self was finding itself back in the forefront once again. As my pain and depression lessened so did it’s grip in keeping me down. Now almost 2 years later I am ready to take the lion by it’s tail and join the land of the living and roar once again! To this day I am forever grateful to my friend Bernie Mueller for introducing me to Plexus Worldwide for their health and wellness products have given me my life back. Just think what they could do for you.

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