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Undercover Custom Woodworking


5865 S 1100 E
Hudson, IN 46747

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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 17:00  

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About: :Undercover Custom Woodworking is a(n) Professional Service in Hudson, IN


Undercover Custom Woodworking is a small Mom and Pop, home based business that got tired of buying furniture and cabinets that cost an arm and a leg and your first born, then only lasted 2 maybe 3 years before falling apart. We want quality furniture and cabinets made like our great grandparents had, that lasted generations, and you didn't have to refinance your house to get. We wanted quality made furniture and cabinets, with dovetails and dados that bonded the woods together, not stapled together with pressed board and soft woods and then more staples. We wanted beautiful wood grains and amazing designs to fill our house with pride and beauty. Not the standard floor model value. Undecover Custom Woodworking strives to build a better furniture and cabinets. We use quality hardwoods and cabinet grade plywood, never using partical board or junk plywood. We will work with you to make your furniture and cabinets fill your home just the way you imagined or you saw in a picture. In a picture? Yes, bring us a picture and we can recreate it to fit your life.

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