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Rough Journey Records


Indianapolis, IN 46205

(317) 316-9995
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 17:00  

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About: :Rough Journey Records is a(n) Entertainment in Indianapolis, IN


The name Rough Journey Records means we know it's going to be hard to make it in the music industry, but we'll do it by making our own road. At our music production company, we believe the creative process is a joint effort. We will help our artists create memorable songs by formatting beats and writing the hooks. We're all about creating a new sound that reflects the urban experience for the millennium generation. Hip-hop artist Constant L. Burts is an example of this new sound in urban music. Our team didn't have to get to know Constant because we grew up with him. We believe in his work because we recognized his talent early on. What makes Constant's songs stand out from all of the others in hip-hop music is that they tell the cold hard truth about life, love, and everything else. Our goal is to provide him with fair management of his career, and we are currently recruiting more artists to join our label. Music isn't our only creative outlet. We're also currently working on a movie adaptation of a historical novel about housing, discrimination, racism, and faith in Chicago of the 1940s.

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