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1751 N Normandie Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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About: :Graduate Of Starving Students is a(n) Professional Service in Los Angeles, CA


Hello My name is the Graduate, and I am the one who started Graduate Of Starving Students Moving company. It all started one day, Starving Students gave me a job and the branch manager told a professional mover to teach me the bussiness, everything. After my training was up I became the STAR of Staving Students moving co. This was way back in yr.2000-2007 I went out and gave great customerr service. Each crew I went out with I made sure they was very professional. They called me the best move. So as time went on I started to notice how the people at corporate office was sending us out and not telling the customer everything they need to know about the billing process, a lot of hiden fees they was leaving out. So when the crews gave the customers their billing they was very upset. Then it look like we was trying to get over on them now, and make us look like the bad guys(ever time). So I decided to take what I'v learned and since I was a student, I started a better company and That's how GRADUATE OF STARVING STUDENT MOVING COMPANY WAS BORN! IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME AND WE STILL JUST GOT UP AND RUNNING.SO BARE WITH US. I UNDERSTAND THAT STARVING STUDENTS HAVE A BAD REPUTATION, BECAUSE THEY STARTED TREATING THE WORKERS WRONG, SO IF YOU TREAT THEM WRONG THEY GOING TO DO THE CUSTOMERS WRONG. THE COMPANAY WENT DOWN. I WOULD LIKE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT USES OUR MOVING SERVICE TO WRITE A HONEST REVIEW ON HOW THEIR MOVE WENT WITH THE NEW GRAUDATE OF STARVING STUDENTS MOVING COMPANY. P.S. YOU KNOW AND I KNOW THAT THE LATE STARVING STUDENTS MOVING COMPANY WAS THE CHEAPEST MOVING COMPAMY OUT THERE IN THE LAND. GRADUTE OF STARVING STUDENTS MOVING COMPANY WILL CONTIUE IT ON, MONEY BACK GUENTED!

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