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Genuine Saltillo Tile (100% pure clay) from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Saltillo was founded in 1577 by Captain Alberto Del Canto. Originally called the "Village of Santiago", it was in the early days of this settled region that Saltillienses artisans began the tradition of the production of the authentic clay floor called, "Piso Saltillo hecho a mano" (handmade). To this day, Saltillo remains the only source of clay in the world for the production of authentic Saltillo Tile. For over 400 years, the method of production has remained the same. In 1847 during the American and Mexican war, Major General Zachary Taylor invaded Mexico, crossing the Rio Grande at what it is now called Matamoros, Mexico. From this city, Major General Taylor, accompanied by 5,000 soldiers went to first Monterrey and then on to Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. When the war was over between the two countries, some of the American soldiers asked the people of Saltillo the name of the floor tile. "Piso de Saltillo!" the American soldiers mistook the word "piso" (floor) to mean "tile", and the name "Saltillo Tile" was born. Some of the American soldiers married and returned to the United States with their wives, bringing Saltillo Tile with them for their homes on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River. This was the beginning of commerce for this product from Mexico to the United States. Saltillo Tile - the perfect, imperfect floor tile. Do not be misled by other product claims. Only Saltillo Tile is handmade in Saltillo, Mexico - the only source of clay to produce authentic Saltillo tile in the world inside this box is the Official Saltillo Tile for your home and business, giving you the look with over 400 years of history behind it. Artisans from Saltillo harvest clays from Saltillo, then mix them, forming individual handmade tiles. The tiles are then dried in the sun, heated in a clay oven for 36 hours, and cooled for 36 hours. Saltillo Tiles are then carefully selected and packaged for customers to enjoy around the world. Each stage of production is by hand, ensuring a beautiful product for your home and office. It's indisputable, The Official Saltillo Tile, 100% Clays from Saltillo, Mexico.

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