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Purple Path Studios LLC


330 Bell Bottom Rd.
Sequim, WA 98382

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About: :Purple Path Studios LLC is a(n) Business in Sequim, WA


Purple Path was made official in 2018, although our roots run much deeper. We began our goal of providing laidback, high-quality arts experiences infused with natural, "farm essence" years ago. 330 Bellbottom Rd. was purchased in 2004. It became the site of our wedding in 2005, and in 2006 our first lavender plants were propagated, a gift from Jake's parents (of Purple Haze Lavender Farm). Since, we have endeavored to grow a wide variety of aromatic and medicinal plants such as helichrysum, calendula, yarrow, hops, and sage. Additionally, RV garages have been remodeled and outbuildings constructed to provide spaces for creative outlet in music and fine art. Our farm currently grows around 1500 lavender plants, and has facilities for music performance and recording, ceramic pottery and kiln firing, and year-round plein-air and indoor painting spaces. As high school art and english teachers the past 18 years, we have sought to provide students with the ethic and aesthetic to do good in the world, for others and themselves. As parents we have worked to provide our daughters with real-life farm and nature experiences, and teach them to articulate the magic of our world through art, writing, music, dance, cooking and other forms of creative expression. It was from these habits of teaching that the concept of Purple Path blossomed; our simple lavender farm is a place to relax, find your inner artist, and take away more than a painting or fresh-cut bundle of herbs or flowers. It is a place to become inspired to grow, find peace, and follow a path of your own design.

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