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About: :Red State Gunsmithing is a(n) Store in Tucson, AZ


I am a gunsmith in Tucson, Arizona. I have always had a strong passion and huge admiration for fire arms since I was a little kid. Over the last 6 years I have dedicated my time to learning and understanding how guns work, the different ways they can be taken apart, put back together, and how they function. I myself have owned numerous different types and styles of firearms and have always done my own gunsmithing on my own guns and never once having a problem with the finished product. I love customizing and personalizing all of my own guns. It truly is a passion of mine and I absolutely love doing it. A good friend once told me "If you love what your doing, you will never get tired of it, even if it gets hard at times." That's exactly how I feel about working with guns and just being around them in general. Working with guns started as a hobby with me but over the years has become much more than that and I hope to turn it into a life long career.

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