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Dicks Electric Fencer Repair Inc.


12140 Indian Reserve Rd.
Hubbard Lake, MI 49747

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About: :Dicks Electric Fencer Repair Inc. is a(n) Business in Hubbard Lake, MI


Dick’s Electric Fencer Repair has been in the electric fencer repair business for over 35 years and we know what it takes to provide customer satisfaction, good service, honesty, quick turnaround and fair prices. We are a factory authorized warranty repair facility for most American makes and repair both domestic and foreign fencers. We are different from our competitors In that we provide free estimates and a one-year no questions asked warranty. Just a little Background. I was born and raised on a farm and studied electronics at Valpariso Technical Institute in Valparaiso, Indiana. For some years I worked in the Airospace Industry as a tech writer and production engineer, farming on the side raising beef cattle. I know some of the challenges that farmers face each day. I became a ham Radio operator when in high school and early on repaired all sorts of electronic devices. One day a farm friend of mine mentioned that I should repair electric fencers. I started studying how they worked then contacted some of the leading manufacturers and become certified as a repair facility. We are a family owned business with myself and two of my family in training as technicians. It has been very rewarding serving the farming community and to watch our business grow into what is known across our great country as Dick’s Electric Fencer Repair Inc.

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